Further Prayer Newsletters

Further Prayer Newsletters

Child Evangelism  Fellowship (CEF)

Prayer for Children Around the World

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Ireland

When we work, we work.
When we pray, God works.

“I’ve never known of a time in my history with CEF where I have seen more encouragement than through the answer of prayer. As I look around, it’s almost like you can experience the answers to prayer. Sometimes they come so close together, I call it a miracle in progress. There’s nothing more exciting than a miracle taking place in the midst of prayer, and God receiving the glory.”
-Child Evangelism  Fellowship President Reese Kauffman

Please join us in prayer for the needs of children and CEF missionaries around the world. Pray specifically from CEF Ireland by selecting a prayer request listed below or via the link: Further CEF Prayer Points

For further information on CEF go to their website CEF Ireland

CEF Paryer for Jan-Feb-Mar 2020

Autumn Newsletter 2018

Daily Prayer Guide for Oct-Nov-Dec 2018

Daily Prayer Guide Jan-March 2019

Daily Prayer Guide April-June 2019

CEF Annual Easter Conference

Daily Prayer Guide July-Sept_2019

Daily Prayer Guide OCT till DEC 2019


CEF Autumn Conference

CEF Autumn Conference

European Christian Mission

Logo European Christian Mission

The ECM office in Ireland works with a team of office staff, board members and volunteers to recruit, deploy and support missionaries, and partners in ministry, and seeks to promote the work in which they are involved. In addition, the office mobilizes Christians in Ireland both north and south to help build a different Europe, through prayer and financial support.

ECM’s vision is to see the peoples of Europe transformed in the name of Jesus Christ.  This is our dream and aspiration and it motivates everything we do.

Why does ECM exist?  Our purpose, or reason for being, is to glorify God by the planting and developing of reproducing churches that evangelise and disciple the peoples of Europe.  This is what ECM is about: to facilitate church planting in Europe.  But our identity as a mission is principally expressed through our shared values.  Other missions may share the same vision, even the same purpose, but the following shared values and distinctives establish the unique culture of ECM.

ECM Eurolink 98 January 2020

ECM Eurolink No 97 December 2019

Eurolink Prayer List for October 2018

ECM Life Magazine

ECM Payer List December 2018

ECM Prayer List January 2019 

ECM Prayer List February 2019

ECM Prayer List March 2019

ECM Prayer List April 19

ECM Prayer List May 2019

ECM Prayer List June 2019

Eurolink No 93 July & August 2019

Eurolink-95 October 2019

ECM Anderson Sept 19 News

Eurolink No 96 November 2019

For more information about ECM go to their website: ECM

Mission Africa

Mission Africa Logo
Mission Africa Logo

Mission Africa obeys the Great Commission! We believe that all Christians have a definite Biblical mandate to take the Good News of Jesus to all the people groups of the world. The Great Commission is the only teaching of Jesus to be recorded five times in the Bible. This underscores the importance of the New Testament’s call to pioneering missionary work among those as yet unreached with the Gospel.

Prayer Newsletter:

Mission Africa Prayer Monthly Winter 2019

Mission Africa Prayer Points December 2018 and January 2019 

Mission Africa Prayer Points February 2019

Mission Africa Prayer Points March 2019

Mission Africa Prayer Monthly April 2019

Mission Africa Prayer Monthly May 2019

Mission Africa Prayer Monthly June 2019

Mission Africa Prayer Monthly September 2019

Mission Africa October 2019 Prayer Monthly

Prayer Monthly Mission Africa November 2019

Website: https://www.missionafrica.org.uk/


TearFund Logo
TearFund Logo

We’re following Jesus where the need is greatest, working through local churches to unlock people’s potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. When disasters strike, we respond quickly. We won’t stop until poverty stops.

Weekly Prayer Letter:

ONE VOICE 17-01-20

ONE VOICE 10-01-20

ONE VOICE 03-01-20

ONE VOICE 27-12-19

ONE VOICE 20-12-19

ONE VOICE 13-12-19

ONE VOICE 06-12-19

ONE VOICE 29-11-19

ONE VOICE 22-11-19

ONE VOICE 15-11-19

ONE VOICE 08-11-19

ONE VOICE 01-11-19

ONE VOICE 25-10-19

ONE VOICE 18-10-19

ONE VOICE 13-10-19

ONE VOICE 06-09-19

ONE VOICE 30-08-19

ONE VOICE 25-8-19

ONEVOICE 12-07-19

ONE VOICE 05-07-19

ONE VOICE 28-6-19

ONE VOICE 21-6-19

ONE VOICE 07-06-19

ONE VOICE 31-05-19

ONE VOICE 17-05-19

ONE VOICE 10-05-19

ONE VOICE 3-5-19

ONE VOICE 26-4-19

ONE VOICE 12-4-19

ONE VOICE 05 04 19

ONE VOICE 29-3-2019

ONE VOICE 22-03-19

ONE VOICE 08-03-19

ONE VOICE 8-02-19

ONE VOICE 01-02-19

ONE VOICE 25-01-19

ONE VOICE 11-01-19

Tearfund Weekly Prayer 31-11-18

Website: https://www.tearfund.org/