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Weekly Prayer Newsletters

Let’s Pray 14-4-2019

Let’s Pray 7-4-2019

Let’s Pray 31-3-2019

Lets Pray 24-03-2019

Lets Pray 17-03-19

Lets Pray 17-03-19

Lets Pray 10-3-2019

Lets Pray 17-2-19

Lets Pray 10-02-19

Lets Pray 03-02-19

Lets Pray 27 January 2019

Lets Pray 20 January 2019

Lets Pray 13 January 2019

Lets Pray 6 January 2019

Lets Pray 30 December 2018

Let’s Pray 16 December 2018

Let’s Pray 2 December 2018

Let’s Pray 25 November 2018

Let’s Pray 18 November 2018

Let’s Pray 11 November 2018

Let’s Pray 4 November 2018

Let’s Pray 21 October 2018

Let’s Pray 28 October 2018

Let’s Pray 14 October 2018

Let’s Pray 7 October 2018

Let’s Pray 9 Sept 2018

Let’s Pray 2 Sept 2018

Let’s Pray 16 Sept 2018

Lets Pray 23 September 2018

Let’s Pray 30 September 2018

Prayerline is the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s weekly prayer information bulletin for global mission, where subscribers can keep up to date with what’s happening overseas, ensuring that prayer support is focused on the needs of our global mission workers and overseas mission partners. Please note that this service is only available to Church members.

Prayer Focus is a weekly prayer resource that incorporates up-to-date news with prayer that focuses on the people and the places involved in mission in Ireland. All of our deaconesses, chaplains in hospitals, prisons and universities, Home Mission Congregations, our Community Outreach and Irish Mission Workers will benefit from your prayerful support.

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