Minister’s Holidays:

15 – 17 July and from 10 – 27 August.  If you need to speak to a minister while he is away, the contact numbers are as below: 15 – 17 July:        Rev Roger McElnea           Tel No:        028 8555 7500 10 – 16 August:   Rev Jonathan Boyd            Mobile No:  077 4567 6971 17 – 27… More Minister’s Holidays:


The Minor Hall is available for any parents who want to bring their young children to church during July and August.  The morning service is relayed live via speakers and video screen and there are toys and books available in the area. God willing Creche will restart in September.  Anyone interested in helping with Creche,… More Creche

Sunday morning speakers

3 July Sermon on the Mount 3 10 July Psalm 127                                                                                                                 10 July 7:30 pm LOL 406 Annual Divine service Speaker Rev Robert McFaul 17 July Mr David Bell 24 July Sermon on the Mount 4 31 July Sermon on the Mount 5 7 August Sermon on the Mount 6 14 August Rev Ian Fleck… More Sunday morning speakers