Clogherney and Sixmilecross Campaigners

Clogherney and Sixmilecross Campaigners:

  • Restart on 6 January 2023
  • We plan to have a special service for our Campaigner clans and families on Sunday 15 January at 7:00 pm in Clogherney

We welcome anyone aged between 4 and 18 to attend.

Children must have a signed consent form on the first night they attend. Attendance is free of charge, with costs kindly sponsored by both churches.

Consent forms are available by email:

On the first night of attendance forms must be completed this night

Anyone moving to a new section or those who have outgrown their uniform can return them on the first night. Campaigners’ uniforms will be allocated when available.

Clogherney and Sixmilecross Campaigners:

Campaigners continue on Friday nights as normal.

Junos (P3 – P6) are taking part in Archery on 11 November from 7:00 – 8:30/45 pm in Clogherney Church Hall

Health and safety – long hair should be tied up and long sleeves worn