Announcement Sheets

Monthly Church Announcement Sheets

Download your preferred announcement sheet.  If you should need any further information please feel free to contact us.  The announcement sheets are saved as pdfs and you need software to be able to open them. Please see below a link to suitable software.

Download the software which will help you by clicking on the link:

Announcement Sheets for 2020

April 2020: Flyer 27 March 2020

March 2020: Church Announcements for March 2020

February 2020: Church Announcements for February 2020

January 2020: Church Announcements For January 2020

Announcement Sheets for 2019

January 2019: Church Announcements for January 2019

February 2019: Announcement Sheet for February 2019

March 2019: Church Announcements for March 2019

April 2019: Church Announcements for April 2019

May 2019: Church Announcements for May 2019

June 2019: Church Announcements for June 2019

July 2019: Summer Announcements 2019

September 2019: Church Announcements for September 2019

October 2019: Church Announcements For October 2019

November 2019: Church Announcements For November 2019

December 2019: Church Annoucements For December 2019

Announcement Sheets for 2018

September 2018: Church Announcements for September 2018

October 2018: Church Announcements for October 2018

November 2018: Church Announcements for November 2018 

December 2018: Church Announcements for December 2018

Announcement Sheets for 2017

October 2017 Announcements p1 and p4 (pdf document)

October 2017 Announcements p2 and p3 (pdf document)

Harvest Service  (pdf document)

Harvest Service Part 2 (pdf document)

September 2017  (Word Document)

September 2017  (pdf document)

April 2017  (Word Document)

March 2017 (Word Document)

February 2017 Doc  (Word Document)

February 2017 pdf (pdf document)

January-2017 (pdf document)

Announcement Sheets for 2016

December 2016(pdf document)

November 2016(pdf document)

October 2016(pdf document)

Harvest Morning 2016 (pdf document)

Harvest Evening Service (pdf document)

September 2016 (pdf document)

Summer 2016 (pdf document)

June 2016 (pdf document)

May 2016 (pdf document)

April 2016 (pdf document)

The date of this announcement sheet is March 2016

SMX Church Announcement Sheet 1 (pdf document)

SMX Church Announcement Sheet 2 (pdf document)