Campaigners NI

Clogherney and Sixmilecross Campaigners:

Parents Night will be held on Friday 22 March in Clogherney Hall.  All very welcome.


Campaigners are taking a break on Friday 16 February.

Friday 23 February:

Eagles and Junos continue 7:00 – 8:00 pm in Sixmilecross Presbyterian Church Hall. (note change of venue).

Inters and Craftsmen is not on due to the Explore Youth event in Clogherney Presbyterian Church.  We encourage all our Inters/Craftsmen to attend this event.

Youth event for all young people aged 11-16 on Friday 23 February at 7:45 pm.  Booking is essential through the Presbyterian Church for this event.  For details speak to Rev McFaul or Alan Gibson.

Clogherney and Sixmilecross Campaigners will recommence on Friday 22 September.

Campaigners is a children’s based ministry on Friday nights between Clogherney and Sixmilecross Presbyterian Churches.

The two churches kindly sponsor the insurance, membership and uniform.  There is no cost for your child to attend.  Uniform jumpers are provided.  Jumpers no longer required from previous years can be left in on the first night to be re-used.

Clogherney Church Hall – 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Eagles - Age 4 to Primary 2

Junos - Primary 3 to 6

Sixmilecross Church Hall 7:15 – 8:30 pm

Inters - Primary 7 to Year 10

Craftsmen- Year 11 to Age 18

Our chiefs have been busy planning this year ahead and look forward to welcoming you.  We have over 60 children attending.

We would really appreciate any volunteers from the congregation that could help out.  This could be on a part time basis and no experience necessary.

All young people need to have a consent form completed on the first night of their attendance.  Copies will be made available in the churches or by emailing

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Campaigners NI
Campaigners NI

Campaigners Information


Age 4 to Primary 2

Meet from 7pm - 8pm in the Hutton Room, Clogherney Presbyterian Church.

Clan Chief - Ruth Kerr

In a playgroup environment Eagles play and learn together.

A typical clan evening includes craft, badgework, games and a short devotional time.


Primary 3 - Primary 6

Meet from 7pm - 8pm in the Youth Room, Clogherney Presbyterian Church

Clan Chief - Heather Gibson

A lively programme of activities and games is just the thing for any child.

The 'Laurel' Award gives the opportunity to learn basic life skills and in 'Clan C' children learn more about the Christian faith.

Thanks to Janice (and Suzie) from Grovehill who visited the Inters and Craftsmen Campaigners group this week.

Campaigners NI

Inters and Craftsmen

Inters - Year 7 to Year 9 and Craftsmen Year 10 to Age 18,

Meet 7.15 pm to 8.30 pm in Sixmilecross Presbyterian Church Hall.

Campaigners  is neither military nor political.

It seeks by means of its various activities:

  • to develop, in the young people it leads, a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord
  • to bear witness to the need for Christian thoroughness in all the relationships of life;
  • thus the Motto ‘UNTO HIM’ and the Password ‘THROUGH AND THROUGH’.


Primary 7 to Year 9

Meet from 7:15pm - 8:30pm in Sixmilecross Presbyterian Church Hall

Clan Chief - Alan Gibson

The Inters programme offers great variety.

As well as sport, art and craft, first aid, camping and lots more, the 'Cornet' Award gives opportunity for service to others.

Bible truths are presented in a relevant way.


Year 10 to Age 18

Meet from 7:15pm - 8:30pm in Sixmilecross Presbyterian Church Hall

Clan Chief - Alan Gibson

Craftsmen is an exciting teenage outlet.

With outdoor pursuits, art, music and drama, the programme is dynamic and flexible and includes working towards the Campaigner 'Crown' Award.

Janice and Suzie

Janice & Suzie from Grovehill
Janice & Suzie from Grovehill