Sixmiecross Historial Trail

All this information was put together by our local historian William Anderson.  He is also a member of Sixmilecross Presbterian Church.  He has a wealth of knowledge on the local area and its history.  He put this information together in a leaflet that accompany's the walk that he can take you on around Sixmilecross.  Maybe some day we can get him to do a virtual tour.  Just watch this space.

Sixmilecross Historial Trail Leaflet

The Bawn House/Castle

The Bawn House/Castle was built as part of the grant given to Lord Castlehaven to be a strong hold in the area.  The house is long demolished now but some of the stone was used for buildings in the village.

Bawn House - Castle

Evangelistic Hall

The Evangelistic Hall was where Rev Ian Paisley preached his first sermon aged 16.  A new church was built in 1981 on the Cooley Road and the hall was moved to the Whitfield Bible College at Gilford, Co Armagh where men now preactice their preaching skills.

Evangelistic Hall

The Market House

The market house was a place of great importance to the business people and traders of the village, expecially on the fair days that happened on teh 19th of every month.  It is thought that the market house was build from the stone from the Bawn House.

O'Neills Hill

Cross Hill

Cross hill is where stood a stone cross which was 6 Irish miles from Omagh and how the new village got its name.  The cross was demolished around 1798 and parts of it are said to be built into houses in the village.

Market House

Sixmilecross Post Office

Sixmilecross Post Office was the first sub post office opened between Omagh and Dungannon in 1817 and has remained within the same family for almost 200 years.

Sixmilecross Post Office

The Marshall Centre

The Marshall Centre is where Sixmilecross national school was and where WF Marshall's father was the head master.

The Life, work and legacy of Rev WF Marshall

Marshall Family Graves

The grave of W F Marshall and his brother R L Marshall who loved the village and the people that lived there  by writing many poems and stories about them.

WF Marshall Grave Stone

The Hill of O'Neill

The hill of O'Neill or Tullyneil is regarded to be the centre of the province of Ulster and was a place of great importance to the O'Neill's of Tyrone

O'Neills Hill

Dunlop Family

The stain glass window in the Church of Ireland is dedicated to the Dunlop family.  It is from this family that John Dunlop the printer of the American decoration of independence came from and maybe worshiped here as a boy.

St Michaels Church of Ireland Sixmilecross

The Rath

The rath is probably earlist manmade structure to remain of the village, it dates from 800 to 1200 years old and was used to shelter people and animals.  This picture is how this rath would have looked about thousand years ago.

The Rath

The Railway Station

Sixmilecross railway station was opened in 1840 and closed 1965.  It was part of the Great Northern Railway on the route between Derry/Londonderr and Portadown.

The Trail Map