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n the first Sunday where normal worship services throughout the country have been cancelled, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many congregations will be using live streaming and pre-recorded messages via websites and social media platforms today.

Presbyterian Moderator, Dr William Henry, begins a series of Sunday worship services today for the wider Presbyterian family. You can watch this first service here. The Service will involve the following hymns (with words):

  • ‘King of love my shepherd is’
  • ‘Leaning on the everlasting arms’
  • ‘All my ways are known to you.’

For the children, there will be the familiar song (with actions) ‘Our God is a great big God’.

The theme of his children’s talk will be about the things that we do not understand. His main talk will focus on the Book of Habakkuk, and how this particular prophet struggled when there were no easy answers.


Link to YouTube and the Moderator's service: PCI Service 29 March 2020

As congregations are unable to meet today, this morning the Moderator, Rt Rev Dr William Henry continues his mini-series on Habakkuk. It is the second of five sermons that he has prepared in the run up to and after Easter.

Recorded in his home congregation at Maze Presbyterian earlier this week, Dr Henry began this series with Habakkuk 1, last Sunday where the prophet Habakkuk wrestled with some of the big questions of life.

Speaking before the recording, Dr Henry said, "The things that Habakkuk wrestled with are particularly relevant to us today, when we query why these hard things need to happen. Last week I stressed that a sign of a mature faith was one that was able to face up to the hardships, yet see God has not left us and, like Habakkuk, to be able to express to God our difficulties and not to be afraid to do so.

"This week the theme from chapter 12, verses 1-3 will be 'waiting'. I will be exploring from Habakkuk the pain and anxiety that arises from having to wait agonisingly and all the other emotions in that, while maintaining a trust in God though it all."

The Moderator concluded by saying, that due to the current government restrictions on movement, this week's praise is not live. "We have used pre-recorded material from previous services from Maze, but I am still aiming to present a feeling of normality by producing what might be termed a full service with music and all the other elements."

5 April 2020

Easter Sunday 12 April 2020

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