Church Flowers

Flower Rota:

07, 14 & 21 AprilValerie Hetherington  
28 April and 5 MayDeborah Crawford  

Church Flowers:  We are looking for people to volunteer to provide a bunch of flowers for the communion table.  A list of dates has been drawn up and the sheet is on the vestibule table. Please add your name to this if you would consider helping. 

You would just need to provide one bunch of flowers that would last for two Sundays.  A simple bunch of flowers from your garden, supermarket or local spar would suffice.  Some of the bunches of flowers available at our local shops are very reasonably priced and would be perfect.  There is a selection of vases in the minor hall kitchen that you can use.  If you wish to use artificial flowers or to do an arrangement in oases that will be fine.  Anything would be appreciated.

We just think it would be lovely to get more people involved in providing a nice bunch of flowers for the front of the church.

You will be given a key to the minor hall and it will be your responsibility to pass key on to the next person.  We have a WhatsApp Flower group and if you would like to give me your number, I can add you to the group so you can get a reminder of your date or in case you have any queries.

I hope you will consider joining our wee team, we’d love to have you on board, and we will appreciate anything.

Janice Clarke